Digital businesses understand the value of sharing ideas, working together, speaking with one voice. That's why they have built their own networks in and around cities where the sector is thriving. Now those networks have created onedigital, to realise the same benefits for digital businesses across the UK - independent but connected.

What is onedigital about?

For the UK to capitalise on the growth in the digital economy a radical new approach is needed. The future is global, and for innovative UK companies to be a part of that future they need to be fast-tracked to international success from a firm base in the UK. Onedigital is key to providing that base.

Onedigital is a dynamic and independent network that harnesses the economic strength of the UK’s key digital hotspots that came together to meet the need for business to have immediate access to focused industry knowledge and expertise. Onedigital facilitates creative collaborations and digital partnerships to drive innovation and economic success. Its members are the digital, technology and creative businesses that can spearhead growth for UK plc.

Onedigital gets its drive from being business led – a definitive ‘by us, for us’ approach. Its lean operating style, focus on creative and technical digital convergence and collaborative spirit are hard-wired into the network. It represents key players in the diverse UK digital content sector worth £111 billion in 2009 (‘Global Market Opportunities Research’ by K-Matrix 2009).

Onedigital’s core members are Bristol Media, Manchester Digital, d-media Network Ltd., (previously South East Media Network) and Brighton-based Wired Sussex, all respected in the creative industries landscape with over 30 years experience as industry-led associations representing over 5,000 enterprising companies.

onedigital's key strengths are:

  • it provides DCMS, BIS and Ofcom with a single direct line to business across the UK
  • it delivers an energetic focus on hotspots of innovation, currently Bristol, Brighton, Manchester and London – real places rather than broad regions
  • it encourages the exchange of knowledge and intelligence across the UK to meet the business model transition from a wholly physical to a wholly digital industry

Critically Onedigital recognises, engages and profiles the wealth of digital talent and creative enterprise across the UK; whilst also engaging sector-specific and industry associations

Onedigital members operate cost effectively and each has demonstrated their expertise within their own network to enhance the profile of members, to celebrate excellence, to share intelligence and to encourage self-help.


  • Providing business tools to enable companies to help themselves and each other collaboratively e.g. online jobs, projects and workspace initiatives from Wired Sussex
  • Peer-to-Peer learning in a structured environment between and amongst the most innovative companies e.g. Digital Horizons programme from SEMN / d-media
  • Embracing new diverse talent e.g. industry-led internships and new entrant programmes
  • Raising company profiles to peers, clients and customers e.g. ‘Top 100’ publication from Bristol Media
  • Celebrating and promoting excellence - best in class e.g. ‘Big Chip Awards’ from Manchester Digital

Currently these initiatives are restricted to the city or locality of the Onedigital member that initiated it. The ambition of Onedigital is to widen access and support enabling greater collaboration on projects, events, joint initiatives and strategic knowledge in order to grow the digital content industry in the UK.

Any resource attracted to Onedigital would be applied to projects, rather than diverted to create a central infrastructure. Onedigital’s ambition is driven by industry for industry.


  1. Digital Content: film, television and computer gaming industries to e-advertising, social media, mobile content and online applications
  2. Report commissioned from K-Matrix by SEMN/SEEDA 2009


Bristol Media Manchester Digital South East Media Network Wired Sussex


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